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Phantom v641 & v642

                  • Emmy award winning technology
                  • 2560 x 1600 resolution
                  • Frame rates for up to 90X ultra-slow motion supporting
                  • 2k, 1080p and 720p resolutions.
                  • Multi-matrix color correction for fast and accurate color matching to normal frame rate Live Sport cameras on v642
                  • Breakthrough sensitivity ISO 1200T color (ISO 12232 SAT method)
                  • 1 μs minimum exposure

                                  The Phantom v641 is the second generation v640 camera. It is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and has a number of new convenience features requested by users. There are dual power inputs for battery backup or hot-swapping batteries when under battery power. The viewfinder port has been moved forward on the camera to make cabling cleaner and less intrusive. Two auxiliary power ports can provide 12VDC (1.5A) power for accessories -- and, each also has a trigger signal input available.

                                  The Phantom® v642 is the third generation broadcast camera. It retains the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion footage simultaneously, while adding the capability to accurately color match regular speed broadcast cameras.The internal high-speed dynamic RAM can be segmented into different partitions. You can record Ultra high-speed events recorded into one memory segment while simultaneously playback a previously recorded event directly from the camera.

                                  The v641 supports SMPTE and IRIG timecode in and out. A remote port allows you to connect the Phantom RCU directly to the camera (or use the convenient Bluetooth wireless dongle). There are optional On-Camera Controls. The camera comes standard with an Internal Mechanical Shutter for "hands free" session references and our unique Image-Based Auto-Trigger is also standard.

                                  Versatile Dual HD-SDI ports give you maximum flexibility for video workflows and broadcast applications. The two ports can be configured as a single dual-link 4:4:4 port, or can be used separately as identical 4:2:2 ports. Turn on the Versatile Dual output feature and one port is always live while the second port can be simultaneously used for playback -- a key feature required for broadcast applications and one of the technologies that helped us win an Emmy award for technology and engineering in the ultra-slow broadcast application. Genlock is provided for synchronizing playback.

                                  The v641 provides a 4 megapixel 35mm format sensor and greater than 6 gigapixels/second throughput. That means full-resolution frame rates of 1450 frames-per-second (fps), and 1920 x 1080 HD-resolution frame rates of 2560 fps. The minimum frame rate is 10 fps.

                                  Take the wide view with our custom-designed 2560 x 1600 pixel CMOS sensor. The aspect ratio of the v641 allows you to keep moving targets in-frame longer and see more of the event you are recording.


                                    Note: The high speed movies are all taken with this camera. They have been greatly reduced in resolution and compressed in size so we can show them to you on the web. Movie quality directly from the camera is superior to what you will see here.


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                                          Resolution/Speed (fps)     
                                    2560 x 1600
                                    2048 x 1600 1,730
                                    2048 x 1024
                                    1920 x 1080
                                    1280 x 1024
                                    1280 x 800
                                    1280 x 720 5,350
                                    800 x 600 7,370
                                    640 x 480 10,700
                                    512 x 512 12,300
                                    512 x 384 16,200
                                    256 x 256 29,800
                                    256 x 128 53,900
                                    256 x 64 90,200
                                    256 x 8 219,200

                                    Short Description

                                    • 6 Gpx/sec, 4Mpx camera
                                    • The v641 provides a 4 megapixel sensor and greater than 6 gigapixel/second throughput. That means full-resolution frame rates of 1450 frames-per-second (fps), and 1920 x 1080 HD-resolution frame rates of over 2500 fps.


                                    • 6 Gpx/second
                                    • Max speed at full resolution of 2560 x 1600 is 1450 fps to RAM and 195 fps to CineMag
                                    • Max speed at reduced resolution of 256 x 8 is 219,000 fps to RAM
                                    • Min frame rate of 10 fps

                                    Sensor Specifications

                                    • 2560 x 1600 pixels
                                    • 10 µm pixel size
                                    • 25.6 mm x 16.0 mm
                                    • 12-bit depth
                                    • ISO 4000 mono, 1000 color
                                    • TE cooled
                                    • CAR in 256 x 8 increments
                                    • Fill factor: 70%
                                    • Dynamic range: 55 dB
                                    • Read out noise at 45°C: 21e
                                    • QE at 530nm: 57%
                                    • Full well capacity: 11500e


                                    • 1 us minimum exposure
                                    • Global electronic shutter
                                    • Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR)
                                    • Auto Exposure
                                    • Shutter Off mode for PIV


                                    • 8GB, 16 GB and 32 GB high-speed internal RAM
                                    • CineMag compatible (128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB)

                                    Record Times

                                    • 3.7 seconds at maximum frame rate, maximum bit depth, largest resolution and into maximum internal memory

                                    Special Features

                                    • Segment memory for up to 63 cines in multi-cine mode
                                    • Continuous recording
                                    • Frame rate profile
                                    • Memory gate
                                    • Event marking
                                    • Frame timestamp (IRIG or SMPTE)
                                    • IRIG in/out (modulated and unmodulated)
                                    • Shutter off mode for PIV exposure
                                    • 1.5 µs straddle time
                                    • Burst mode
                                    • Standard internal mechanical shutter for automatic/remote Current Session Reference (CSR)
                                    • Standard Image-Based Auto-Trigger (IBAT)
                                    • Two 12 VDC, 1.5 A auxiliary power ports
                                    • Secondary IP address
                                    • Field-based firmware upgrade capable


                                    • Programmable trigger location (pre/post trigger recording)
                                    • Image-Based Auto-Trigger
                                    • Trigger from software
                                    • Hardware trigger BNC

                                    Timing & Synchronization

                                    • 20 ns timing accuracy
                                    • Frame synchronization to internal or external clock (FSYNC)
                                    • IRIG in/out (modulated or unmodulated)
                                    • SMPTE timecode at support frame rates
                                    • Ready output
                                    • Strobe output
                                    • Genlock


                                    • Dedicated FSYNC, Trigger, Genlock, Timecode In and Timecode Out (SMPTE & IRIG) BNCs on camera body
                                    • Range Data input on camera body (Fischer)
                                    • Capture cable with Ready, Strobe, IBAT-Trigger, Pre-Trigger, Analog Video
                                    • Additional signals available with use of optional Break-Out-Box (BoB) Note: cannot use serial port on BoB and serial port on the camera at the same time. Powering the camera through the BoB using the standard AC power supplyl requires an adapter cable.

                                    Ethernet Connection

                                    • Gb Ethernet for both control and data
                                    • 10 Gb Ethernet via CineStream X2SR

                                    Camera Control

                                    • Optional On-Camera Controls (OCC)
                                    • Phantom Camera Control (PCC)
                                    • Remote Control Unit (RCU), connects to Remote port
                                    • Phantom Application (legacy)
                                    • SDK available

                                    Video Out

                                    • Analog video (NTSC or PAL) available on Capture Cable
                                    • Component viewfinder port
                                    • Versatile Dual HD-SDI can provide 4:4:4 video (except at 60 fps), or can be two single 4:2:2 HD-SDI ports, one for playback and one always live


                                    • Nikon F-mount standard
                                    • Canon EOS mount optional
                                    • PL-mount optional
                                    • C-mount optional
                                    • (lens not included)

                                    Video Processing

                                    • Brightness
                                    • Contrast
                                    • Gamma
                                    • Saturation
                                    • Hue
                                    • White Balance
                                    • Sensitivity
                                    • Image flip and rotate
                                    • Apply filters

                                    Data Acquisition

                                    • SAM-3

                                    Motion Analysis

                                    • Basic measurements via Phantom Application:
                                    • Distance
                                    • Speed
                                    • Acceleration
                                    • Angles and Angular Speed
                                    • Compatible with 3rd party solutions

                                    Supported File Formats

                                    • Cine, Cine Compressed, Cine RAW, AVI, Multipage TIFF, MXF PAL, MXF NTSC, QuickTime, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, LEAD, JPEG, JTIF, RAW, DNG, DPX


                                    • 100 - 240 VAC, 120 Watt power supply included
                                    • There are two DC inputs on the camera back panel for hot-swapping power or providing battery backup when using AC power

                                    Mechanical Specifications

                                    • Size (without lens, CineMag or handle): 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.0 inches (L x W x H); 29.2 x 14 x 12.7 cm
                                    • Weight (without lens or CineMag): 11.75 lb; 5.33 kg

                                    Environmental Specifications

                                    • Temperature and Humidity: 0°C - 40°C @ 8% to 80% RH
                                    • Shock: 30G, half sine wave, 11 ms, 10 times all axes (without CineMag or lens)
                                    • Vibration: 25G, 5-500 Hz, all axes without CineMag


                                    • Phantom SDK
                                    • LabView
                                    • MatLab

                                    Ships Standard With

                                    • Power supply
                                    • Ethernet cable
                                    • Capture cable
                                    • Phantom PCC software
                                    • Getting Started Guide
                                    • Image-Based Auto-Trigger
                                    • Internal Mechanical Shutter


                                    • CineMag interface
                                    • Canon EOS lens mount
                                    • PL-mount
                                    • On-camera controls

                                    Popular Accessories

                                    • CineMag
                                    • CineStation
                                    • RCU
                                    • CineStream
                                    • Break-out-Box (IRIG-in, IRIG-out, NTSC/PAL Video, Trigger, Event, Strobe, A-Sync, Pre-Trigger/Memgate, Ready, GenLock)


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