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Lambert Instruments was founded by Bert van Geest in 1992, who wanted to exploit his knowledge of image intensifiers. He started to apply these image intensifiers in CCD cameras that had to be very sensitive and that are used in scientific applications.

Intensified CCD cameras have been delivered to many institutes that are active in fields like biomedical research, astronomy and experimental physics. Special medical cameras have been developed for the analysis of the vocal cords. Imaging products from other manufacturers have been added to the product range or are integrated in systems for imaging at low light level and/or high-speed.

Besides a range of standard products also custom-made products are offered.

Lambert Instruments’ mission is to develop, produce and market high-end products for time-resolved imaging at low light levels guided by customer feedback. By continuously watching the latest technological developments and looking for opportunities to apply these in existing and new products, highly qualified people make sure your wishes get the best possible attention.

Headquarters are in Roden, The Netherlands..




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