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These are high speed camera and DVR Combo’s used for long term high speed recording.

These systems are designed to record high speed video for hours or days at one time. These systems can be used on your production line or at your testing facility. They will record and save continuos uninterrupted high speed video so that you will be able to review, analyse and quickly identify and correct the problem with unsurpassed speed and efficiency.

These high speed DVR’s can also be connected to your control logic to instruct the DVR to save on command any special points of interest as well. These DVR’s are well suited for many various environments which can range from clean to wet, dirty and dusty.



Note: The high speed movies are all taken with this camera. They have been greatly reduced in resolution and compressed in size so we can show them to you on the web. Movie quality directly from the camera is superior to what you will see here.


*Up to 2000fps continuous all day recording

  • IP 67 waterproof Camera
  • Excellent Progressive Scan Image Quality
  • Several DVR Models Available
  • High Resolution Images
  • Full Featured Software
  • Rapid File Retrieval Even While Recording
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Ethernet Link To Other PC’s For File Sharing
  • Eliminates Down Time
  • Solid State & Digital Disk Drive Technology
  • 100% Solid State Technology
  • Internal Large Capacity Memory
  • Continuous Recording At Full Speed

The Mega Speed DVR Software is a complete software package that is included with every Mega Speed Camera and DVR Combo. With the DVR Software you can simultaneously adjust the camera settings, record the process, review the recently recorded events, edit, play back and transfer files, all without stopping the DVR.



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