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Phantom CineMag IV & CineStation IV

Datasheet CineStation IV 

Datasheet CineMag IV 


  • Hot-swappable, non-volatile storage devices
  • Store raw footage quickly, speeding up workflow
  • CineMag-II for v-Series, Flex2K and vXX10/1
  • CineMag-IV for Flex4K and UHS-12 models
  • Download off-camera using CineStation

                Every second of high-speed video can take up several gigabytes of the camera’s internal memory.  For example, 1,000 fps at HD resolution will record 4 seconds to 16GB of RAM memory. Saving that 4-second shot using standard Gb Ethernet can take up to 15 minutes, which can be better used for capturing the next shot.  

                Vision Research engineers understood this challenge and changed the Phantom camera workflow forever by introducing the Phantom CineMag in 2008.  The CineMag is a proprietary storage device incorporating secure, non-volatile flash memory for high speed Phantom raw footage. 

                 Users can record into camera RAM and then “upload" the recording to the CineMag in seconds.  This eliminates camera down time between shots. If your application demands longer record times, then the CineMag can be used in Run/Stop (R/S) mode, allowing for several minutes of record time at lower frame rates.

                 There are two models of CineMag currently available, the CineMag II and the CineMag IV.  Check the table below to check camera compatibility and specs.


                Sizes available
                144GB, 256GB, 512GB
                1TB, 2TB
                Compatible with
                vXX0, vXX1, vXX2, vXX10,
                vXX11, v12.1, HD/65,
                Flex (2K)
                Flex 4K, vXX12
                Throughput 800 Mpx/seg

                880 Mpx/seg (1TB)

                1Gpx/seg (2TB)






                Weight <1lb (0.4kg) 0.6lb (0.3kg)


                The Phantom CineStation is the download station for the CineMag. This keeps the camera free for doing its job – capturing high-speed video. There are three versions of the CineStation currently available:  CineStation-B, CineStation-X2SR and CineStation IV.   Check the table below for compatibility and specs. 

                A CineStation works by connecting to a PC running the supplied PCC software via Gb or 10Gb Ethernet, where the user can view each Cine stored on the CineMag, set in- and out-points to trim the Cines, and save the files to a connected hard disk drive. This process can also be fully automated.


                CineStation IV
                Compatible with
                Original CineMag,
                CineMag II
                Original CineMag,
                CineMag II
                CineMag IV
                Has Gb Ethernet?
                Has 10Gb Ethernet? No

                Yes, X2SR fiber

                Yes, 10Gbase-T Copper

                Has SDI video?




                Power 120W Power supply included 120W Power supply included 400W Power supply included







                Weigh 5lbs (2.3kg) 5lbs (2.3kg) 1lb (0.45kg)


                CineMag IV PRO

                The CineMag IV PRO was designed specifically for a fast, seamless ProRes workflow with the Phantom FLex 4K

                There are several advantages with working with ProRes instead of, or in addition to Cine Raw, including increased record times and simplicity of the workflow straight of out the camera. Sometimes raw files are not required and footage gets converted to a high quality compressed format, such as ProRes 422 HQ anyway. Selecting ProRes in-camera saves valuable time and money associated with that conversion process, and allows for more footage on each CineMag.

                Flex 4K



                4K native (4096x2304) Run/Stop mode

                Max 30fps
                Max 136fps
                2K scaled (4K->2048x1152) Run/Stop mode
                Max 30fps
                Max 136 fps
                2k native (2048x1152 cropped) Run/Stop mode N/A

                Max 554fps

                Loop mode full 64G RAM save

                150 sec

                40 sec

                Switch from live to playback to review the saved file  5sec delay No delay


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