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Remote Control Unit





Our new Phantom Remote Control Unit is a 5" life saver!  This small, lightweight, hand-held device controls your Phantom digital high-speed cameras as well as a providing a video monitor all in one package.

The RCU supports the entire high-speed imaging workflow. Set up the camera, trigger the shot, view the cine on the LCD screen, trim to the frames of interest, and save the result to a CineMag. Without ever touching the camera!

The 5" TFT touch screen technology allows you to control a camera with just the tap of your finger. A scroll/jog dial gives you an alternate (and fast!) way to change many settings or to scrub through a recorded cine.

The Phantom Break-Out Box allows any v-Series camera to connect to our Remote Control Unit. And, if you have a Phantom HD or Phantom 65 camera, the RCU can connect directly into your camera's remote port. The optional industrial Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to control the camera wirelessly.


Full control over compatible Phantom camera.

Size: 7" x 4" x 3.5" max (w, h, d), 17.75 cm x 10.2 cm x 8.9 cm

Weight: 26 oz, 740 gm

Display: 5" (diagonal), 800 x 480 active TFT touchscreen display

Connectivity: Phantom v-Series via Break-out-Box, Phantom HD, 65 or Flex direct to Remote port

Wireless Control: Optional industrial Bluetooth connectivity (no wireless video)

Up to 2 hours of battery operation

Easily accessible buttons and jog/scroll dial for making selections on the RCU, includes two user-programmable buttons

Save up to 4 user configurations and restore them at the push of a button


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