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Welcome to the Home of the Phantom in México

Vision Research® desings and manufactures high speed digital systems used in different applications, including military, automotive, engineering, scientific, medical research, industrial manufacturing and packaging, sports and entertainment, and digital cinematography  for TV and motion pictures.

The Phantom high speed camera brand from Vision Research® Phantom P-G thumb  gives a new dimension and sense to the eye, letting the user see details of a certain event when it's too fast to see or to important not to.

We can provide you with all that you need CAMERAS, LENSES, ACCESSORIES, DEMOS and ON SITE TRAINING for You.

A Selection of Videos

Note: The high speed movies are all taken with Phantom cameras. They have been greatly reduced in resolution and compressed in size so we can show them to you on the web. Movie quality directly from the camera is superior to what you will see here.

Phantom HD Gold camera provided by SLAM Solutions

* For more videos we invite to see each cameras capabilities.

Vision Research® is a Business Unit from Materials Analysis Division at AMETEK® Inc., a world wide leader in electronic and electromechanical device manufacturing. Company based in Wayne, NJ.




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