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We are an industry leader in both commercial and military power distribution markets due in large part to continuous innovation, award-winning customer service, and world-class manufacturing techniques. Our focus is on markets with special requirements – rough use, extreme climates, and high amounts of power load balancing.

We learned how to make the most robust and reliable products from our roots in the entertainment market. Concert touring, motion picture filming, theatrical productions, and live events use copious amounts of electrical power that need to be precisely controlled. Our products met this need, but the nature of the entertainment industry posed additional challenges; our distribution boxes and cables were being tossed off loading docks, left in the elements for weeks on end at outdoor events, subjected to spectacular motion picture special effects, and set up and taken down day after day on concert tours. For these reasons, everything we make is, and has always been, designed to survive and thrive under the most demanding circumstances.

Lex’s reputation for durability and dependability spread to the US Military. When the US Marine Corp conducted an exhaustive search to replace their aging portable power distribution system they chose Lex Products. In order to meet the stringent requirement of the USMC and other clients, we strategically acquired companies to strengthen our manufacturing and technical expertise, such as Kimchuck Metal Processes (2005) and Electrol Engineering (2006).

Lex prides itself on being a true manufacturer; whereas many of our competitors are distributors, we are actively involved in every step of product development, from design to completion. We follow standard manufacturing processes and best practices, and employ customized tools. A full-time staff of mechanical and electrical engineers designs each and every unique box we create, while a precision metal fabrication division assembles boxes, and another division focuses on building power control systems.

Main facilities are located in Shelton, CT - USA.



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