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TEMA Camera Control


Product Information



Makes life a little easier: Control of multiple models and multiple brands using one single program.

TEMA Camera Control is the optimal tool for controlling multiple high speed cameras of different models and different brands.

TEMA Camera Control can control all the major high-speed cameras on the market, all at the same time and from one single user interface.

EASY TO OPERATE - The user-friendly interface makes it easy to record images, view live images, set parameters, perform image enhancement and automatically download. All functions can be performed simultaneously on multiple cameras from one user interface.

EFFECTIVE - One user interface makes the set-up easy and the time needed shorter. No need for multiple training sessions on different software.

INDEPENDENCE – Now you can choose the best camera for your applications independently of those used before. One software for all models and all brands.

INTEGRATED - TEMA Camera Control is fully integrated into the TEMA motion analysis software supplied by Image Systems. The user can start tracking and perform analysis directly after the download of an image sequence, without leaving the program.

User interface

The windows-based user interface of TEMA Camera Control gives a very flexible way of setting up a test. The operator can easily connect one or multiple cameras, record image sequences, make image improvements and save images to disk in several different image formats.


Multiple models / Multiple brands

TEMA Camera Control supports the main makes and models of digital high-speed cameras on the market and new cameras are continually added to the list of those controlled. Let us know which ones you use and we will implement the control.

Image enhancement

TEMA Camera Control has different tools available for color corrections such as brightness, contrast, gamma in each color as well as different hue and saturation.

The main tools available are White Balancing, RGB Waveform and Vector Scope, where the operator can perform image adjustments by "click and drag" in the dialog window.

Enterprise edition

The Enterprise Edition adds a set of new features to TEMA Camera Control. Features that are important for larger customer facilities distinguished by:

Pre-defined processes, Test planning systems, Subdivision of tasks, Data storage models, High throughput of tests and repetitive tests.

All these features are handled by TEMA Camera Control, Enterprise edition.

System Integration

Together with the software capability Image Systems can engineer the complete system of cabling, junction boxes, individual computers and the inter-computer communications.



Enterprise Edition

TEMA Enterprise Edition adds a set of new features to TEMA Camera Control, which are important for larger crash test facilities distinguished by:

  • Pre-defined processes: Larger facilities often have well defined processes for carrying out operations.  Any product used must adapt to these procedures.
  • Test planning systems. Systems to administrate test and resources are often used and any test program used should be able to communicate with this system.
  • Subdivision of tasks: Different departments of a corporation can be responsible for exercising different parts of a test. For instance: Different departments for image capture, tracking and analysis.
  • Data storage models: Data storage must often conform to certain regulations.
  • High throughput of tests. A larger facility often means that several tests are run in one day.
  • Repetitive tests: Often the same department makes the same types of tests repeatedly.

TEMA Enterprise Edition for Camera Control includes several features to handle these needs:

  • Metadata reading function: TEMA Enterprise Edition has a metadata reading function to load pre-defined test information from an external test planning system. The participating camera views are defined together with the test parameters.
  • Predefined file name patterns: The user can define default file names, including path, for all file types in TEMA.
  • Dual file destination: Downloaded image sequences can be automatically stored in two different destinations, normally a local disk and a central file server.
  • Camera view list: The user can specify a list of often-used camera views. The camera view settings will be stored together with the actual view. Also cameras can be automatically assigned when loading a predefined camera view.
  • Image export performed by separate computer. Image export can put a high load on the computer. TEMA Enterprise Edition has functionality to run Image Export on a secondary computer, typically an image server.
  • Additional functions in TEMA Enterprise Edition handle operations like automatic cleanup of old image data, creation of TED files, marking of exported files, password protected parameters and more.

Supported cameras

Image Systems supports the main brands and models of digital high-speed cameras on the market and is continually adding new cameras to the list of those controlled. Vision Research is supported, let us know which ones you need.

System Integration

The TEMA Enterprise Version can be customized at both ends of the process. The project meta-data can be imported from a test control database, as can the camera views and individual camera setup requirements. This gives the test engineer full control of the imaging parameters and reduces the possibility of setup errors. The image and data file output can be automated to feed directly into the network system.

Above is a system on a project where multiple cameras were controlled on two computers via Ethernet. Note that all cameras were synchronized using GPS-time.


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