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Digital Cinema

Vision Research® has been specializing in digital cinema for the last years with the Phantom HD,  HD Gold, 65 and now the Flex with their workflow features which allows a  raw material, full HD video output or a combination of bothe, as an excellente integration option not only for the digital cinema market, but also for documentaries and commercial spots.  

The flexibility on the Phantom high speed cameras include as part of many other features, these most important ones:

  • Scene basic editing and cut can be done with the software on the raw material direct on the camera memory, so you only keep the part of the scene that is of your interest only
  • Periphericals that support a flexible workflow, these are the solid state memory magazines called CineMag's in sizes of 128, 256 and up to 512 GB, which often are used in pair configurations for most indepedence and non-stop recording sessions
  • The docking stations for the CineMag's are the CineStation's, which are the perfect complement for the raw material transfer to post production while the other CineMag is working.


Workflow with the Phantom Cameras (spanish)pdficon



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